The mission of Jayden’s Hidden Treasures Inc. is to provide parents of children with special needs with assistance to reduce financial burdens created by their child’s medical care. This includes providing assistance with travel and other expenses not covered by insurance.

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There are times when life comes at us fast.

Life as we know it and dream about it can change very quickly for parents.  One moment we are looking forward to a life filled with joy, excitement and laughter at the birth of our darling child.  The next moment we find ourselves trying to make sense out of words that have been spoken by a doctor about an illness our child is suffering from.  It is in these moments that we need a community of supporters to help us know that we are not alone.

The illness of a child creates many challenges for parents. In our journey, we had to become very educated on our child’s illness in a very short period of time.  We had to begin making life decisions that impacted the ways we lived as a family and our ability to meet our family’s financial needs.

While we planned for the arrival of our baby boy, we did not plan for all the needs resulting from the illness we did not know he had. Like most parents, we did not have funds set aside for a 6-months stay in another state or frequent travel to another city for treatment which sometimes included overnight costs.  There was also medical care costs which were not covered by insurance. We were able to meet these unplanned needs through the assistance provided by friends and families. It was the generosity of people we met along our journey that gave birth to Jayden’s Hidden Treasures Inc. 

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Infantile Pompe Disease is a rare genetic disease characterized by the abnormal buildup glycogen inside cells.


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While we are unable to change the face of healthcare today, we can change how one parent face these healthcare challenges.